SWFLL Intermediate (50/70) Division

Dear Parents and Coaches,

Little League International is making every effort to keep kids involved in baseball and ease the transition to the larger field by offering the 50/70 Intermediate Division. Little League completed its assessment of the 50/70 Pilot Program in 2010 and has made this Division available to local leagues around the world. By all accounts, the program has been successful, and survey results overwhelmingly showed that many local leagues that participated embraced the concept of a division of play that provides a bridge between the standard Little League baseball field and a conventional baseball field.

Little League 50/70 has enjoyed four years of offering this division and it entails 50-foot pitching distance and 70-foot base paths. A traditional field size for teen players in Little League has a 60 ft., 6 in. base pitching distance and a 90ft. base path, the same size as a professional baseball field. Youth Little League fields, on the other hand, have a 46 ft. pitching distance and a 60 ft. base path. The Intermediate Division will have fields with a 50 ft. pitching distance and a 70 ft. base path to help transition our pre-teen and teen athletes to the larger size of the Juniors, Seniors and Big League playing fields. Please keep a look out for further information in the coming days about this new division at SWFLL and how we plan to implement it into our league.

Click here for Little League resources about the Intermediate 50/70 Division.



Barry Leonard, President